lombok island lombok is an island in the West NUsa Tenggara Province (Nusa Tenggara Barat) and its located between Bali and Sumbawa island in the eastern part of Indonesia. Mataram is the administrative capital and its the larger city on the island and has about 2.500.000 in habitants. The Population in Lombok is about 3,5 million, and majority 91% are Moslem. Hindus make up about 6% while Christians and Buddhist about 3%.

    Lombok Tours

    Gili Naggu
    Lombok toursA wider range of Gili's in the south west coast of Lombok a wait discovery. The islands remain untouched and unspoilt of pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and surrounded by the marine garden and ton of colorful fishes.

    Gili Nanggu is one of the most excited relaxing and and snorkelling destinations. The excursion begins through splendid scenery towards Taun, from here a 15 minutes trip by outriger boat.

    Lombok City Tours
    Lombok toursThe main city of Lombok has much to offers from its modern live through its traditional living and historical places.

    This half day tour will take you to experience the city live and visiting the historical places such as: Mayura Temple with its floathing cort in the midle of the pool, Meru Temple the biggest hindus temple, Narmada the water palace and mount Rinjani replicas, The oldest temple of Lingsar with its unique history and you will be taste the traditional food of Lombok

    Lombok City Tours
    Lombok toursDiscover the intriguing sights of Lombok with its beautiful scenery unique culture, tradition and way of life. Visit Banyumulek, known for its clay pots, the rural market of Kediri and the traditional weaving village of Sukarara to witness the intricate process of fashioning the paterns of traditional cloth.

    Then its onto Rambitan / Sade , a Sasak village featuring the unique local architecture of homes and rice barn. Then proceed to Kuta and Tanjung A'an beaches with their miles and pristine white sands.

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    Lombok Island
    lombok island
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