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    Bali which is referred also as The Island of Gods, The Paradise Island, or The Island of A Thousand Temples, just 140 Km by 80 Km and lies between Java, and Lombok.Geographically, Bali is the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands.

    The total measure of the land area is 5,632 km2. Lying just 8o south of the Equator, Bali can boast a tropical climate with just two seasons a year and an average temperature of around 28o Celsius.

    bali map   Bali is home for small Hindu community. In 2010, 92.29% of the total population of 3.891,000 adheres to Balinese Hindu.

    The rest of the number adheres to Islam, Buddhism and Christianity. Bali is famous as the largest tourist destination in Indonesia and also well known all over the world.

    The popular image of the island is that it is rich with sophisticated arts like traditional and modern sculpture, leather, painting, dance, music, and metalworking.Bali Island is located 3.2 km or 2 mi east of Java, 8 degrees south of the equator.

    Java and Bali are separated by the narrow Bali Strait. Its length from east to west is about 153 km or 95 mi while from north to south it spans up to 112 km or 69 mi. The total measure of the land area is 5,632 km2.
    Bali mountain range is from Batukaru in the west and Gunung Agung in the East while in the center there are lakes which divides Bali Island into two plains, the Northern and the Southern plains.

    The Northern plain is much narrower, hilly and dry so that there is no much wet rice culture possible and yet the people here like in the rest of Bali Island live from agriculture.

    The mountain in some places comes right to the sea, the coast is swampy in the West, alternately sandy and full of pebbles in the center and rocky in the East. There are few beaches here good for swimming as well as snorkeling and diving.

    The center part of Bali Island are most fertile and in these regions the tourists can see the most beautiful rice field terraces. This part of Bali is, no wonder, called the rice belt of the Island.

    The South part lies white sandy beaches where mostly hotels are located such as : Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian and Sanur area. To the Southeast of central Bali lies the arid island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan which used for snorkeling, beaching by most of Cruises company.

    The Province of Bali is divided into 8 regencies or kabupaten and 1 city or kota. They are:
    - Badung, capital Mangupura
    - Bangli, capital Bangli
    - Buleleng, capital Singaraja
    - Denpasar (city)
    - Gianyar, capital Gianyar
    - Jembrana, capital Negara
    - Karangasem, capital Amlapura
    - Klungkung, capital Semarapura
    - Tabanan, capital Tabanan

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